Portland Marketing Coach Discussses QR Codes

QR Codes and Business Marketing

I’ve blogged before about using QR codes in smart phones to attract customers as they are shopping. Tesco is using these codes in the subways of South Korea to let shoppers view and order everyday grocery items. After doing ethnographic research, Tesco discovered that South Koreans, like their counterparts in Japan, put in very long hours on the job. Shopping becomes a dreaded chore, as stores are packed at the same time. On the other hand, subway commuters have time on their hands as they wait for their commuter trains. Tesco’s idea then was to “bring the store to the shoppers” by placing virtual store shelves in the subways. Commuters stand in front of the display as if they were in the store. This was an important element: to recreate the store shelf experience. Commuters can then scan the QR code on the item they want, placing an order that is delivered to their home at the end of the day.

Tesco, operating under the name “Home plus” was already number 2 in South Korea. Their chief competitor was E-Mart, who had a much greater number of stores. Tesco’s goal was to take the number one spot without adding stores. The results: They increased their virtual shoppers by 76% and online sales rose by 130%. And Tesco/Home plus took over the number one spot.

You can be sure that the folks at Safeway, Kroger’s and Wal-Mart are paying close attention and getting help from a Portland marketing coach can help your business to succeed as well. Don’t let innovative marketing strategies slip by your growing business.


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