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Marketing Workshops

Get Practical. Get Going.

Re-tool Your Team.

Next Chapter Marketing provides structured Portland marketing coach workshops to business leaders and cross-functional teams to help them get motivated, focused,  and aligned on charting the next profitable business opportunities.

We customize our in-house workshops to incorporate your specific business challenges and assist you in business growth in Portland. We use real-life examples and practical tools to help you develop a results-oriented growth strategy. We’ll ask tough questions. We’ll challenge your beliefs. We’ll help you take a different perspective. And we’ll have a little fun along the way.

At Next Chapter Marketing, we offer onsite and remote facilitation of Innovation Games ®. We specifically design and tailor these seriously fun events to answer your specific business questions. These customer engagements will help you discover explicit and hidden needs directly from your customers. Fortune 100 companies have used these games to set strategic visions, identify and prioritize new product features, and manage their product and brand portfolios.

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