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Customer Insights

Your Customers’ Emotions are Strategic Marketing Tools

Customers buy on emotion and justify with logic. Their loyalty to your brand is based on the value that you provide them in a great experience with your products, services and employees. Having a deep understanding of what motivates your customers, of what is meaningful to them, is a basis for setting you apart from your competition.

Take an Outside-in Look at Your Customers.
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How often do you and your project teams actually talk with your customers? Next Chapter Marketing customer engagement programs can help you get their input and feedback more effectively than traditional focus groups and more cost-effectively than what you are probably doing right now.

With the help of a Portland marketing coach at Next Chapter Marketing you will receive help with:

  • Engage with your customers in new and exciting ways
  • Discover the unmet needs of your customers faster and easier than ever
  • Find the functional, emotional and social jobs to be done for your customers
  • Align your investments in customer experience with the market life cycle
  • Develop an effective customer experience strategy
  • Deliver value at every point of customer interaction for maximum business growth!

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