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Clients often come to Next Chapter Marketing because they are lacking a game plan to bring the right kind of product or service to market to assist with their business growth in Portland, OR. If you have an innovation team that has just started, or is feeling stuck in brainstorming mode, our framework can give you a coherent process for gathering, sorting and prioritizing innovation and Portland business growth options.

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Next Chapter Marketing will help you achieve organic business growth Portland. Our clients often come to us because:

  • Business growth Portland has slowed and profits are stalled
  • The product category is now commoditized
  • They no longer stand out against the competition
  • They want to innovate, but they are lacking a game plan and are chasing too many opportunities
  • They want to hear from their customers which innovations are most important

With the help of a Portland marketing coach, our Strategic Business Growth Portland Framework can help you:

  • Put together and manage your innovation team
  • Spot trends and disruptions in your marketplace
  • Produce a fun engagement with your customers so that you can actively collaborate with them in identifying your next innovation
  • Determine if you need a new business growth model
  • Identify the type of innovation that is most likely to be successful for your market
  • Create and manage a portfolio of business growth concepts
  • Manage business growth in both early and mature markets

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