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Brand Strategies

Set The Strategic Direction for Your Business Growth

The goal of your marketing and brand strategies is to make you stand out among your competitors in a way that’s important to your customers. Your brand goes well beyond a logo or tagline. It’s a relationship that you have with your customers and that relationship is what is important for business growth in Portland.

Chart Your Next Chapter
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Next Chapter Marketing clients often need help identifying an alternative plan in their strategic marketing. We help position your offering across the standard market life cycle curve, with focused strategies from the early market to the mature market with the help of a Portland marketing coach. The plan may include new experiences for your current customers, new products and services, different geographical markets, or a different set of customers.
Next Chapter Marketing will help you:

  • Locate your company’s offerings within the market life cycle
  • Analyze new market opportunities
  • Develop new product concepts and solutions
  • Bridge into adjacent markets
  • Create a multi-year marketing plan
  • Deliver a compelling brand experience
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Determine whether to extend a brand or create a new one

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