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  • Forget your mission – find your mantra! We’ll coach you how to be uniquely relevant to your customers.
  • Get more sales from your website: SEO, Landing Page Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Personal a marketing coach.

Hope is not a strategy. A Marketing Coach will put together a marketing plan for you or help you do your own.
The rules change as the market for your products and services matures. We’ll coach you how to profit and gain share at each stage of development, from early market to mature.

Find Profitable Growth

Marketing Coach Portland OR

  • Discover new markets and new customers.
  • Take advantage of the internal and external drivers of your innovation.

Clients often come to a Portland Marketing Coach because they are lacking a game plan to bring the right kind of product or service to market. Will your new product or service be successful? Gain confidence!

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Breakthrough Customer Insights

Portland Marketing Coach
Do your customers rate their experience with your products and services “great” or “just OK?” Stop giving them a blah experience and give them a competition-crushing great experience. A Portland Marketing Coach can show you how.

Forget Focus Groups: We use interactive, fun (and yes, serious) encounters to get richer insights into your customers’ unmet needs. These Portland Marketing Coach events will have you saying, “No more focus groups!” These also work well for non-profits and government entities who are looking for more actionable input from donors, citizens and stakeholders.

Portland Marketing Coach Updates

Alaska Airlines IS ALASKA AIR REALLY RETIRING THE HORIZON AIR BRAND?- On Tuesday, Alaska Airlines The official notice on the website states: Horizon Air is retiring its public brand and adopting the Alaska Airlines Eskimo. The new […]
printer BETTER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? I WISH MY PRINTER WOULD SHUT UP ALREADY- How important is a better customer marketing experience? Join the discussion with a marketing coach in Portland and find-out how changes in the customer experience can help your future marketing endeavors.
Toyota TOYOTA MUST BALANCE QUALITY, INNOVATION, AND COSTS- Portland marketing coach News: Why Toyota must balance it's product quality, future innovations and costs in it's marketing efforts to come.
Smart Phones SMARTPHONES CHANGE THE WAY CONSUMERS SHOP & BUY- More and more consumers are using their mobile phones as a primary tool when making purchase decisions. They check out sales, compare prices, and get input from their network of friends when they are considering a purchase - all on their mobile devices. A Marketing coach in Portland can help you navigate your way in the future mobile landscape.
Business Growth OUTMANEUVERING THE LARGE COMPANIES FOR GROWTH- Smaller companies must often use a different strategy for business growth in Portland than the largest firms. Research done by McKinsey & Company looked at growth patters across smaller […]

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